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Has your life been impacted by a surprise pregnancy? No matter your past or what you are going through, whether you choose to parent or place for adoption, we want to walk with you.

When you join this support group, you will: meet weekly for 12 weeks, be encouraged by women who have walked in your shoes, make new friends and receive a baby shower in your honor.

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Our Next Session begins January 11th and will be every Tuesday at 6:30pm for 12 weeks. 
Classes take place in our classroom area at 111 East Harvey in Wellington.
Registration for 2022 Embrace Grace is open to any woman who is not married and pregnant or Single with small Children. You must attend 70% ( 8 or more classes) to attend our free baby shower! Sign up for Class Below. 



"Someone of these group(s) were a saving grace to my family in a time where we had nothing. Honestly without Amanda, Embrace Grace, and Angie. I would not have ever started my own business. I wouldn’t have quit my toxic job. There would have been times where we couldn’t pay bills because we had to buy formula instead. I give a huge credit to Family Tree Resource Center for where I am at today vs where I was when I found this group over a year ago. The growth I have had is crazy and I genuinely couldn’t have done with without any of this." -Jessica


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