Free Period Packs 

In an effort to promote Women's health, We are now offering free period care packages in office. No age limit and no questions asked. Based on availability during business hours.


The challenges that menstruating girls, women, and other menstruators face encompass more than a basic lack of supplies or infrastructure.  While menstruation is a normal and healthy part of life for most women and girls, in many societies, the experience of menstruators continues to be constrained by cultural taboos and discriminatory social norms. The resulting lack of information about menstruation leads to unhygienic and unhealthy menstrual practices and creates misconceptions and negative attitudes, which motivate, among others, shaming, bullying, and even gender-based violence. For generations of girls and women, poor menstrual health and hygiene is exacerbating social and economic inequalities, negatively impacting their education, health, safety, and human development. 

-The World Bank